Ruachology - Part 5

The study of the spirit of humans and the Spirit of the Lord. Spirit is the part of who we are that came directly from the ‘nostrils,’ or ‘lips’ of God to humans. Gods formed Adam from the dust of the ground, like a potter would form clay. Then unlike the rest of creation which He just called into being, God actually breathed into humans. The word breath is our word, Ruach, meaning breath or spirit. The spirit of humans breathed into him by the very breath of God. No wonder this is the part of man that connects with God.

This is also a different doctrinal teaching than Pneumatology. Pneumatology is the study of the Spirit of God. Ruachology is different, though it contains a study of the Spirit, it is also the study of the spirit. The Spirit of God and spirit of humans. It is a study of the interactions of these two ‘spirits’. Like I said before the spirit is the part of man that comes directly from God, therefore it is the only way to connect with God and have interaction with Him. ‘Those who worship God MUST worship Him in spirit and in truth’. We can only come to God to connect to His Spirit by our spirit and we must come with no pretenses and no hypocrisy. We can only really come to God in truth. We can only bring to God the truth of who we are not some sham or facade. All else burn up in the presence of our God since He is ‘a consuming Fire!’ When we do this worship and interaction with God can take place at anytime and anywhere. We need to practice His presence, and there are training techniques to help his get there. These things need to be recognized for what they are, training wheels. Eventual, and hopefully sooner than later, we can set aside the training wheels of quiet, solitude, music, repetitive prayers and any other that may come to mind, and understand that we do not need them to connect to God. Though they may help us they are not the connection. Our spirit and His Spirit is the connection.

We also need to make sure that the things between God and me are taken care of before we come to Him or as we come to Him. This is similar to the marriage relationship. If there is a aught between you and your spouse than there is no intimacy until that is corrected first and then you can connect as one. I believe that this is part of the reason why the marriage relationship is used by Paul to illustrate the relationship between Christ and the church. We need to align ourselves with God and make sure the connection is clear. Communion is another thing that illustrates this as Paul talks about in first Corinthians 11. Ever sat down to dinner with a problem between you and your spouse. Not really enjoyable. Ever invited someone to have trouble with and has trouble with you over for dinner. Probably would be a little awkward. Now you can understand why communion also need to be a time of reconciliation between you and the Savior. If we don’t judge ourselves as Paul mentions in the first Corinthian passage then our coming to God in communion is a sham and there is consequences for the hypocrisy of the sham in front of others. Paul says ‘ for this cause many are weak and sickly amount you and many sleep.’ You cannot truly have communion with anyone with who you have a beef and the same is true for God. Except in this case we are the ones who caused the problem not God. Rauchology, the study of the spirit and the Spirit. This is what I mean when I talk about the study of the spirit. We need to learn that this is one of those special ways we can celebrate what Jesus did and connect with Him Spirit to spirit.

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