A Tribute to Scott Evelyn

While it is not our purpose to lift up a man, it is appropriate that we recognize the impact that Scott Evelyn had on so many of us both here at Patria Ministries and through Streams Ministries. Scott was a modern day mystic and pushed the edges of most of our abilities to understand how Heaven interacts with the earth and those upon it. His life inspired us to go deeper, to reach higher and to engage the supernatural realm in ways that we might possibly never have imagined without him. Most of all his life pointed us all to Jesus and cried out for each of us to pursue a more intimate relationship with Him. For these and so many other reasons, it would be inappropriate not to remember the man and how he inspired us to love God more deeply. With that in mind, here are our memories of Scott: from Michael French Scott was a big man and not just in stature. His spiritual walk always seemed bigger than life to me. I can remember feeling a level of fear when I was around him - not because of his physical appearance (though for some that might have been enough to intimidate, lol), but because of the unmistakable relationship with the Father that he walked in. For all this, he was one of the most gentle and caring men I ever met. His questions were always deep and he asked them to draw you to a place of greater understanding rather than trying to tell you something he felt you needed to know. He saw depth in dreams and found meaining in even the most simple of metaphors. He was a faithful friend and one with whom you could be honest and vulnerable without fearing that it would change his opinion of you. These are the qualities I remember most and that inspire me to draw closer to my Father who created Scott to carry them. I could write for pages concerning the deep spiritual encounters that Scott shared and how they impacted my life, but I feel this note is more the place to remember the very natural qualities that made him who he was and taught me more about who I am. I will never forget things that he said to me about Patria, it's purpose and my role. When we were just getting started he sat down with Sam and I at one of our board meetings. I was going over every detail and laying out all the processes of accountability that I wanted to have in place. He looked me in the eye and told me that all those things were good, but most importantly that He trusted me to do what God had put in my heart. He made it clear that if I messed it up, he would be the first one on the scene to straighten me out, but until then (which he doubted would happen far less than I did) I needed to move forward with confidence and pursue what God had set before me. I remember an occassion when the whole board of Patria was all struggling with how to say something that needed to be said to an individual and Scott's response was typical. He asked what was the problem - just say it and then he did. I think the individuals involved loved him more after that hard conversation than they did before. He was just that kind of guy. When Scott saw something in you, he stood by you. I don't know how this played out for everyone, but often he was still standing by me when the issues I may have been wrestling with or the problems I was trying to solve had already caused me to begin questioning my own understanding of what I had heard God say. He had that keen sense of discernment to know when you were right, even when you weren't sure you were right yourself. As Patria grew and more and more people began to come to be a part, I struggled at times to know how to be a leader for such a diverse group of people. There were certainly times when all I think was should I be doing this they way my dad did or the way John Paul Jackson (my two personal spiritual fathers). During one of perhaps the most challenging situations we have faced as a ministry to this point, I got a phone call from Scott. He said, "The way you father people doesn't look like the way John Paul did. Stop trying to look like someone else and be confident in being the father God created you to be." Those words have carried me through some challenging times and they echo in my mind more often than you might imagine. This is the greatest lesson I learned from Scott - I can't get caught up in the approval of man, but I must constantly strive to please God - and the lesson I hope you will remember when you think of Scott - Start Being Who You Were Created to Be! from Sam Biggar

What do I say about my friend Scott. At this moment the thing that burns in my mind is: I miss him.

I miss that I could pick up the phone and call him and it was as if we had just talked yesterday when in reality it had been months. I miss that he was so straightforward in his approach to handling things. I miss that he would just tell you the truth even if you did not really want to hear the truth. I miss that he cared enough, in that special Scott way, that he wanted what was best for you even if you did not know what that was. I miss that he would listen to God and then tell you exactly what the Lord said, no fluff, no extra words, no soft pedaling, just the pure word of the Lord. I miss what an amazing family man he was, and the example he was of a family man in his quiet, no frills, down to earth display of a husband and father. I miss that I could ask him for advice, take a ton of his time getting it, and he was always there to help without any thought of the cost to himself. I miss the stories of his experiences with this Mysterious God we know as Jehovah and in that telling you would believe that you could have experiences like that also.

Writing this, in tears, I realize that I miss a great many things about my friend Scott. Rest In Peace brother...I will see you again. from Jeannine Rodriguez-Everard

A man of honor. A man of integrity. A man of few words, but words that made deep impact. A man who spurred others around him to seek the deep things of God. This is how I will remember my friend, Scott Evelyn. I met Scott back in 2002 in Denver, Colorado. He came to minister at a Prophetic Evangelism workshop that our church was hosting. To be totally honest, I was a little frightened of him. He looked pretty fierce, didn't say much, and when he did speak, I couldn't understand a lot of what he was saying. He spoke of the supernatural realm in a way that I had not yet experienced and wasn't sure that I wanted to at that time. Yet, I was drawn to him. I was drawn by the intimacy he had with the Lord and how that remained paramount when he would minister. It was clear that he valued his relationship with the Lord above and beyond how much he valued the spiritual experiences with which the Lord blessed him. From Day 1 of meeting him, Scott stirred me to pursue such intimacy with the Lord myself. The relationship Scott had with the Lord made him a man of wisdom and honor. He understood things like protocol, the redemptive purpose and destiny of land, how one grows in spiritual authority, the workings of the courts of Heaven, and the realm of the Spirit. He not only spoke about and imparted what he was given, but more importantly, he fathered many in knowing the ways of God. I can only imagine the treasures in Heaven he is now enjoying for stewarding the gifts and calling of God on his life so well. It seems fitting that the last interaction I had with Scott was during a time of impartation. He laid his hands on my hands, pressed his forehead to my forehead and waited silently on the Lord for what felt like a very long time. Then he spoke. One word. Over and over again. Hunger. Hunger. Hunger. May we all have such hunger for God, for the mysteries of His Kingdom, for understanding of the His ways and the realm of His Spirit, for wisdom, and for the strength to live out His calling on our lives. from Drew McGee

Scott Evelyn my friend. I met Scott Evelyn in 2003 when a dozen families followed God (and John Paul Jackson) to the small town of Sutton, New Hampshire. In the frantic search for the few available properties for sale in this village of 1,837, a home bordering the Pinnacle Prayer Mountain was supernaturally provided for Scott. From that moment, we knew God was forging a divine purpose for the Evelyns' on the Pinnacle. Supernatural encounters were normal for Scott. As our friendship grew, I realized he was a man constantly being etched by the finger of God. He quickly became a mentor and sounding board for me and the North Shore Bridge Church. I watched his dedication to prayer on the mountain, in spite of bitter cold in a canvas tent, impassable muddy roads, and frequent tent collapses from heavy snow. Through it all he never wavered. Instead he became a beacon of leadership and motivation for the little Pinnacle flock. Scott was a mountain of a man. That mountain of faith that is Scott Evelyn will be missed by me, the North Shore Bridge, and the earth, but his vision remains and moves forward. from Tony and Dwee Cooke Scott Evelyn's passing was such a shock. We had respected and admired him from afar for many years. And we didn't know him at all personally. When he and Recie were in our part of England, we were in the States! So, in 2014, while I was at the Patria gathering in Alabama, I decided to push through my 'stuff' and ask him if I could chat with him at some point. He was surprised by the reason for my request yet gave me time as I had asked. I was so pleased and honoured and of course he mentored just by sharing! Tony and I were ordained by him and Michael in 2015. What an impartation! We always learnt from Scott. He pondered matters, he was wise, a seer intercessor and true pioneer with a profound love of God and His creation. He had a kind heart and yet carried an air of authority that was tangible. He truly walked with His Father. Scott's words and thoughts were fresh bread; for example, we learnt something valuable about dream interpretation from him as he chatted away on the French's deck after the Patria Gathering. And this year I was thrilled to catch him on livestream! He was praying for the people at Patria to receive a seer anointing by laying hands on them. I texted Michael and asked if he would ask Scott to pray for us and others on livestream over the miles. He agreed and did so! Thank you Lord. We received it. I have read my notes from his talks at Patria again and again, particularly for the insights he shared this year. We know he is with the cloud of witnesses now. His passing is a loss to his family and to so many others all around the world. Yet in his time on earth, he planted seeds and grew many spiritual children globally, a wonderful legacy for each one of us who had the privilege of meeting and receiving from him. May we pick up that inheritance. To God be the glory, great things He has done!

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