Times of Change

Take a look around in the world today and you will notice change… whether positive change or negative change. It is a part of life on earth and a part of our spiritual lives. I am reminded of a simple but profound book that I read as a part of my career work in the education system, Who Moved my Cheese by Spencer Johnson. This short book was a lesson on how people respond to change, whether you are quick to recognize it and adjust or you drag your feet and are resistant over it and possibly miss out on what the change can bring. My point is not for you to read the book, although it had great application in my life, but is to get you think about how we respond to the change that God is doing in our lives. I have been thinking about this lately and its impact in my life. I find too often that I am resistant to change, but usually, with the work of the Lord and a patient husband, will come around to accept what is coming.

In January of this year, my husband and I found out that we were expecting our second child. While, this was planned and hoped for, we would soon find out that our lives will change in more ways than we anticipated. When I eventually talked to Michael French about it, he and I both began to think of how we can accommodate me, maternity leave, and coming back to work with 2 kids. I made a plan that I was coming back to work. I found fulfillment and comfort in working with Michael and with Patria. Over the next few months, God worked in my heart in a way that only He can do. He would get my heart to a place where I could accept the change that I didn’t want to see. And, Elisa would work on Michael, trying to prepare him for the change she believed was coming. That change would be me leaving the Patria office assistant position and not returning after maternity leave.

I had my tearful moments (increased by pregnancy, I imagine) because I knew this represented the final step in me and my family moving from being a part of the French’s church. Even though they were not pastoring anymore, I still held on to them in that role in some ways. But, I am confident that God will take care of Michael and Patria Ministries without my involvement as assistant. Not that I think that Michael cannot do it on his own, but that God will fill the need. I am also confident that God will use this transition to help me grow closer to Him and to go further into the destiny He has for me.

My husband and I are still a part of the Patria family and will continue to connect with others at the various functions and gatherings. I just won’t be working in the office anymore. So, with all that said, please be in prayer for my family as we welcome our new family member in late September. Be in prayer for Michael and Elisa French as they continue to do the work with Patria that they were meant to do. And, be in prayer for Patria Ministries, that God would continue to touch lives and build ministers and their families up in the Lord. It has been an honor work with Patria for over a year and to build relationships with so many of you.

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