Patria's Fan the Flame Podcast Episode 1

February 07, 2019

In this first full episode we spend some time with Gianmark Robles - one of our Emerging Leaders - and discuss leadership and ministry in the next generation.

Orbital Model Family Chat

February 08, 2019

Join Michael French for a general discussion and Q&A on the topic of the Orbital Model.  

Emerging Leaders Family Chat

February 15, 2019

Join Gianmark Robles, Joshua French, Erika Liken, Jacob French, Noah French and more for a lively discussion of leadership and ministry in the next generation.

Spanish Language Family Chat

February 16, 2019

Join Joey & Adianis Robles for a fun family chat in Spanish.  Whether Spanish is your native tongue or a second language you don't want to miss this opportunity for fellowship.

Prayer Call Family Chat

February 18, 2019

Join Marisa Story for a time of prayer for Patria and the Patria Family

Marriage Family Chat

February 28, 2019

Join Sam & Lori Biggar for a time of discussion and Q&A on marriage and ministry.

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